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name : giulio2007-01-16 06:04:58
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I like your music.

giulio - A Dawn Serene

name : Michael Hirsz2007-01-06 11:47:29

Last week i managed to track down your album on ebay. Fantastic work> I am writing some songs at the minute, can i send you them when they are done ?

name : Please2006-11-06 11:33:11

Remembrance's compositions and visual art are both quite beautiful. It's deplorable that I have heard only few of your tracks, but I suppose they all are impressive and depressive as these few. Maybe I can hope bit "deeper", "darker" sound fo your vocals and music?

name : Qasim2006-11-01 03:04:33
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Hey what a funeral doom we have in here! you are awesome and great. I liked your music sooooo much.

name : D_an2006-07-23 10:55:27
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Yo're great!! Keep on dooming :-D Cheers from Malta

name : A Bleeding Star2006-05-03 09:11:42
mail : a-bleeding_star@hotmailca

You absolutely need to make more copies available for us canadians to get... funeral doom metal is very hard to find... congratulations you are in with thy elite group (Tyranny, Shape of Despair, Evoken)

name : cri2006-05-02 02:40:20
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You're great! Would love to hear more from you. Keep it doom ^^ Cheers from Russia!

name : J.C2006-04-13 11:14:00

Your music is simply amazing. I just had to say that... It's really brilliant. Thank you so much.

name : count_hellvete2006-04-11 01:15:01
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This band give a new term for anything dark

name : Unsilent Art Radio2006-03-31 02:24:51
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