From left to right :
Carline Van Roos : keyboards, vocals, bass
Matthieu Sachs : guitars, vocals
Norman Müller : drums

Remembrance is a Funeral Doom/Death metal band founded by Carline Van Roos (Aythis / Lethian Dreams) and Matthieu Sachs (Lethian Dreams ) in June 2004.

The band's first recording was a 4 track demo CD « Among Lost Illusions » which was recorded in March 2005 and self-produced as a promo format.

Few months later, Remembrance starts writing new songs and signs a deal with Total Rust music.
The first album is called « Frail Visions » and offers a desperate doom/death with sorrowful, gloomy, mystical, keyboards atmospheres, deep grunts and heavy but also up-tempo guitar parts.
« Frail Visions » got released by the end of September 2005. The band also contributes to a compilation album : « Assymmetry ».
In October 2007 the Finnish label Firebox adds Remembrance to their roster.
The much-awaited second full-length of the band, Silencing The Moments, was recorded during summer 2007 and released in April 2008.
“Silencing The Moments” brings the band to a new level, giving a high quality sound production without losing the raw darkness, despair and somber melancholy of their music.

In June 2009 Remembrance finds its permanent drummer in Norman Müller (Scythe). Together, the band begins to work on their third studio album which gets recorded in the following summer and autumn.

The new work is called « Fall, Obsidian Night » and features 7 tracks where power and acoustic parts meet, where the listener wanders the disembodied woods.
Fall, Obsidian Night is a portrait of a dying nature, a bliss in isolation.