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name : Angel.G2008-03-26 12:04:34
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Me encanta Remembrance!
Es una exelente banda y su sonido es muy placentero para el alma oscura y desoladora.
Sus letras son exquisitas y sus melodias reflejan la escencia de mi vida!
Espero sigan Creando muchas mas obras maestras. Junto a Lethian Dreams y Aythis!
Adoro sus bandas Carline Y Matth.

Stay doom gays!
Greetings from Venezuela.

Mistress of Doom

name : coldembrace2008-03-21 05:03:32
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Hola! Es la primera vez que escucho Remembrance y la verdad que es muy recomendable!
Saludos a todos desde Argentina.

name : †VG†2008-02-18 02:38:08
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Hi from Russia!!! )

name : ian lopez2008-01-10 11:24:49
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name : Algol2007-12-04 05:43:34
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Great sample, really deep. Good luck!

name : natlozt2007-11-20 01:00:15
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Greetings from Serbia! Your music is great.

name : mattze2007-11-09 09:38:25
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glad to hear that remembrance had make a new album. I hope it will be realese in germany.

best regards

name : psyphiber2007-05-16 04:58:56
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I listen to Frail Visions quite a lot.
I have much respect for your creations.

I wish that you continue to explore all things with the same sincerity I hear in your music now.

name : Ervin "corpse molestor" Blas2007-05-13 08:34:46
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Hailz from Chile.
I have a been a fan of your music and depressive creations since I had contact with Remembrance (3 -4 years ago) and from that moment your band is amongst my favourite ones.
I am glad to read you are goping to start playing wpould be great if you can come to this far country.
I can not describe what your music makes me feel like.I enjoy listening to it every time I have the chance to.
Good luck, thank you for such an atmosphere and good tunes.
Stay doom!!!
Ervin Blas

name : INFERNAL TERRORIST ZINE2007-02-21 02:29:18
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greetings from south america
it will be honour to reviews your stuffs releases albumns here in my zine and then interview your prestige band too

let me now ?
i wait your mail answer and packages stuffs to this address..

c/o juan manuel (ATHANOR )
avenida morro solar 1712
residencial monterrico sur
lima 33 peru
south america

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