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name : Андрей2009-08-13 15:41:01
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name : Andre2009-07-12 14:30:21
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name : Kristian2009-05-05 15:35:55
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Greetings Remembrance!

You are amazing, I can't wait for the new album!!!!

Support and Hailz from Denmark!!

name : bosqueda2009-02-22 04:55:00
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name : Lilly2009-01-30 05:23:59
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perfect, beautiful and dark. i am in love with the music you make.

name : pong2008-12-20 03:20:09
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doom rules!

name : Gloom7142008-11-22 09:04:30
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Hello NEW fan from the U.S.A, PLEASE make a trip here by the Los Angeles area. Great music coming from 2 people, NO WAY! keep it dooomed 24/7

name : Immortal2008-11-10 04:05:28
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homepage : http://Ulaanbaatar

I Lission To Funeral Doom Metal

name : Hikmet2008-09-24 10:11:59
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Hi Remembrance, i'm Hikmet, from far Azerbaijan.I want to thank you for great music,and i think that Remembrance is one of the BEST of "funeral doom" music.I wait the better things from you.With love,Hikmet (AZERBAIJAN)...

name : Chris2008-09-05 02:41:33
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Hello, my name is Chris. I am from Ontario Canada, i found your music on YouTube, and i have to say that Remembrance is now my favorite Funeral Doom Metal band!!!!!

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