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name : Mourners Lament2005-03-24 03:54:55
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name : bonsai2005-03-19 05:54:26
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Hey!!!! Your songs sounds !!!!really!!! great!
I'm looking forward to 'hear' more from you!

name : al arab ahab2005-03-18 01:05:53
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Cool music!

Stay doom!
al arab ahab

name : Doomsdaytroll/Linus2005-03-16 01:29:32
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Thanx for the words in our guestbook (beneath the frozen soil), there will be one full song track available for downloading within the next week, come back then.
And I must say, I realy enjoyed your music, I would vall it "melodic" funeral doom, almost like a mix between Evoken and My Dying Bride.
Send me a copy and I'll review it in my magazine ( the first printed issue of the magazine will be out in the beginning of june.
Keep up the great work, gloom and delay, doom and decay.

/The Doomsdaytroll

name : KÚvin2005-03-14 11:01:07
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name : Ars Moriendi2005-03-14 09:38:00
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Hi!! fucking cool music!!! I like both of your bands!!
both are so slow and dark, really cool, wtf so depressive music!! yeah cool!!

Whats going on with gigsa in franve??

Take care Mich
(voc, Ars Moriendi)

name : rutger2005-03-12 07:25:24
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Hi There!

Very atmospheric music you made! I really found it interesting and emotional. I hope you can find your sessionmembers soon, so you can hit the stages!

Eria d'Or

Ps. thanks for the compliments :)

name : dave2005-03-07 12:24:23
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nice design. good luck with the band. and (as usual) come play in america!!!

name : Rose2005-03-05 01:50:02
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name : Tilly2005-03-04 08:41:56
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Whhhhhauuuuuw GREAT DESIGN!! Congrats

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